Gerry Huerth

Save the Orangutans

Genre : Coming of age in middle age

About the book

Frannie Fortunato lives in her imagination and the memories of her youth in the Peace and Love Generation. At one her nostalgic fetes, a friend of hers introduces her to a gentleman caller, Leonard Grunwald. Leonard is a driven single minded lawyer who has refrained from any kind of whimsy. He is charmed by this person who embodies all that he has missed. After a romantic courtship these two very different people get married …

About The Author

Gerry Huerth

Gerry Huerth is a 75 year old person who has creatively responded to being an outsider and in that process has learned to be an effective advocate for people who face the challenges of working with systems that may not be responsive to their hopes and needs. Fifty years ago he was an early member of FREE, the first Gay and Lesbian college organization in this country. He also worked as an RN in many healthcare systems. These nursing experiences include psychiatric nursing, working with drug addicted mothers and infants in Harlem New York, volunteering for The Farm Workers Union in California, being on the board of a very early hospice in Maine, volunteering to do massage for people with AIDS, and collaborating to create a personal care service for people with mental illness living in the community. He also worked in a community college as an adjunct instructor teaching and empowering students who faced challenges to academic learning such as racism, poverty, violence, …



Gerry Huerth

Save the Orangutans​

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